The St. James Perpetual Memorial & Endowment Fund (PMEF) provides:

  • A means of perpetuating the memory of loved ones in a significant manner;
  • An appropriate means to pay living tribute to loved ones on occasions of impor­tance, or simply to make an “extra” gift of thanks­giving or celebration;
  • A meaningful means by which St. James may receive bequests; and to establish a perpetual, vital, and ever-growing endowment fund to preserve and strengthen the mission and ministry of the Church. The corpus (principal amount) of the “Restricted” Fund cannot be spent, pledged, or otherwise committed (except as provided for in the Spending Rules).

How it Works

An initial gift or bequest of $100 or more along with the completion of an Enrollment Form will enroll the donor, or the honored person named, in the records of the St. James Church Perpetual Memorial & Endowment Fund. Several individuals may pool their gifts to achieve the Fund’s initial gift minimum. Subsequent to the initial enrollment, additional gifts of any amount may be given in honor of the same person.

Interested in honoring a loved one by making a gift?
Forms are available at the church and are available below.

LIVING Endowment Enrollment Form

MEMORIAL Endowment Enrollment Form