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Tom, Dean, Marlene at OET 2013 (2)/! The Tea Table at OET 2013 (3)/! Shirley, Kay & Debbie at OET 2013/! The Tea Table at OET 2013 (5)/! Kim and Shirley at OET 2013 (3)/! IMG_3888 /!IMG_3872/! IMG_3871/! IMG_3863/! IMG_3865/! IMG_3861/! IMG_3859 /!IMG_3853/! IMG_3850/! IMG_3843 /!IMG_3810/! IMG_3812 /!IMG_3808 /!IMG_3802/! IMG_3798/! IMG_3773/! IMG_3771/! IMG_3614/! IMG_3605 /!IMG_3597/! IMG_3594/! IMG_3593/! IMG_3590/! IMG_3572/! IMG_3570 /!IMG_3558/! IMG_3557/! IMG_3542/! IMG_3522/! IMG_3519/! IMG_3489 /!IMG_3395/! IMG_3394/! IMG_3392/! IMG_3391/! IMG_3380 /!IMG_3345 /!IMG_3342/! IMG_3340/! IMG_3296/! IMG_3272 /!IMG_3273/! IMG_3271 /!IMG_3270/! Debbie L pouring at OET 2013 (1)/! Dean, Kay at OET 2013 (1)/! Dawn, Kay & Debbie at OET 2013/! Dean and Ellen at OET 2013 (1)/! Dawn, Adrienne, Debbie /!Old English Tea center table 1[/wpic]