Check out the Angel Tree for new recipes this week. Use your own tried and true recipes for sandwich spreads or try one of these. PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY SPREADS LATER THAN THURSDAY MORNING, MAY 4.

Commercially packaged spreads, strawberry cream cheese, pimiento cheese, etc. can be brought to the church refrigerator as early as possible if the expiration dates allow. Please do not bring spreads on Friday or Tea Day!

Be an angel and help us in the kitchen.

Come for an hour, all day, or anything in between- just bring a smile and willing hands!

  • We will make sandwiches on Thursday, May 4, beginning at 9:00.
  • Friday will be spent cutting the sandwiches, making mini quiches, and veggie bars.
  • On Tea Day, we start at 8:00 so the Tray Room crew will have an ample supply. That’s the day we make all of the open faced sandwiches such as our famous St. James Cucumber Sandwich and others. It’s non-stop until the Tea is over! Come, be part of the fun!